Exit Strategy (Nadia Stafford series) by Kelley Armstrong Review

  • Title: Exit Strategy
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong
  • Publisher: Vintage Canada; a division of Random House Canada (Seal Book; Random House Can. Original)
  • Published: Feb 7, 2012 (June 26, 2007 original)
  • Edition: Vintage Canada 2012
  • Pages: 450
  • Special Features: None
  • Price: $16.95
  • ISBN: 978-0-307-36115-8
  • Genre: Fiction-Thriller

Nadia Stafford is an ex cop turned hitwoman, who works for a New York Mafia family. The money is good, pays the bills,and  keeps her buisness afloat. But soon she’s hit with a case she can’t refuse. Refuse, and she risks exposure. Agree, and she will be thrown into a nutshell.

A serial killer who goes by the name of Helter Skelter Killer, is going around murdering incident people and leaving curious clues behind. Even plants confusing, yet crucial evidence that has people scratching their heads. Nadia and her mentor Jack are forced to not only work together, but also team up with other hitmen to find this serial killer before a vital piece of information comes to light.

This book was filled with fun plot twists and turns, that had me clinging to the edge of my seat. Just when you thought you had the killer narrowed done, more possible suspects arose. It was crazy. This was definitely a different book for me. There was no supernatural aspect to it, nor any fantasy. It was a mystery thriller, that cast a real life shadow, with people that could actually exist. It was exciting and thrilling, and had me playing detective myself. I wasn’t however able to guess who the killer was.

Kelley Armstrong did a wonderful job at creating a very believable world in the beginning of the Nadia Stafford series. It was action packed, and it definitely will keep you on your toes. I can’t wait to read the remaining two books in this trilogy.

My overall rating: 5/5 stars.

Nadia Stafford Series

  1. Exit Strategy
  2. Made to be Broken
  3. Wild Justice

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