Cherry Chree PLUM Lipglosses Review

Cherry Chree Plum Lipglosses. More like three glosses and two liquid lipsticks.

First reaction when seeing these, YES! The colours looks so pretty and vibrant, especially the glosses. But all were a disappointment when applied to the lips. The second and third shades, were the biggest disappointment, because those were the two that I was most looking forward to.

The only good thing I can say about these products are, they look nice in the tubes, and I didn’t have to pay much for them.

The bad, where do I start? I begin with the glosses, first they have no names, so I will refer to them as gloss, #1, #2, and #3 (Left to Right):

  1. Lip #1: Is a light lilac shade.
  2. Lip #2: Is a plum color.
  3. Lip #3: Is a Barney shade of purple.

All glosses look really nice in the tube, except for when you put them on your lips, the color is diffused to a point where there is almost no color at all. It’s a very sheer color then what it was. So much so, that the glosses barely differ in color from each other, especially glosses, #2 and #3. When applied all over the lips, it almost looks messy, even if you do a carefully application. However, I feel like these glosses could still work if applied on top of of a lip liner, or a lipstick. Then they might actually look nice.

The last two shades, are in fact not lipglosses, like it was said to be on the box. They are actually liquid lipsticks, and not very good ones. Again no names are given, so I will refer to them as (Left to Right), Lip #4 and #5.

  1. Lip #4: Is like a mulberry purple.
  2. Lip #5: Is like a blueberry/blackberry stain color.

Both shades are very patchy when applied, and when it comes to taking them off, it’s a huge task. When I first switched them on my wrist, they stained my skin. When put on my lips, it took a lot of elbow grease to scrub them off. My lips felt raw, numb, and very plumb after the intense exfoliant. When trying to come up with a way to describe the shades, I reswitched all the colours on my wrist in better lighting, and when fully dried, the lipsticks would not come off, even with my Tea Tree Oil facial wash, and I scrubbed hard. In order to finally get all of it off, I had to straight up use oil on the product. The oil I used was Rose Hip oil (A new product that I just got, and will review, once I’ve used it for a decent amount of time.) The lipsticks were also really sticky, that when I pressed my lips together they stuck together,and it was very uncomfortable.

The colours are okay, but not the best. Maybe if a lip liner was put down first, it would not only help with the evening out the color placement, but also having that barrier between the lipstick and the lip, might cause the product to come off easier. Maybe I’ll do that later, and update the post, or post an update on Twitter. But I definitely can’t do it today, because of the intense work it took to take it off last night. I feel like it would damage my lips doing it two nights in a row.

A negative both glosses, and liquid lipsticks share, they all smell like hair conditioner. And not the fruity scented ones, are the ones infused with some exotic scent. But an original, basic hair conditioner. And to smell that scent in a lip product, is really off putting, and not pleasing.

I tried to look up the website given on the box, put it did not take me to the cosmetics website. Instead it took me to a GoDaddy home page, and it said nothing about the brand. I tried looking for them somewhere else but nothing as popped up. And after this experience I would even want to tell someone where to get it, because these products were so bad. I wouldn’t want anyone to waste their money on them.

But like I said before, I didn’t pay much for the set. I got mine at Winners, and it was for a fair(ish) price. Though I wish I hadn’t gotten them now, so I don’t know how fair it really is. But oh well, at least with this experience I can hopefully stop someone from making the same mistake I did.

Price: $12.99

Recommend: NO. But I would be curious, has anyone tried either these particular products, are anything from this brand, Cherry Chree? I would like to know, what was your experience?

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2 thoughts on “Cherry Chree PLUM Lipglosses Review

    1. I’m so sorry you had to experience such a bad product 😔. I wish there was someone to tell me not to buy them, which is why I wrote the review to make sure others knew about the poor quality. I know I didn’t pay that much, I hope you didn’t pay too much for them. I would like to hear your experience with the product.


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