The Hypnotist (A Joona Linna Novel) Review

  • Title: The Hypnotist
  • Author: Lars Kepler
  • Publisher: McClelland & Stewart; a division of Random House Canada
  • Published: 2012  (originally in 2009 as, Hypnotisoren)
  • Edition: 2012 Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 503
  • Special Features: None
  • Price: $17.99 CAD
  • ISBN: 978-0-7710-9573-3

Summary: A triple homicide – all of the victims from the same family and murdered without apparent motive – captivates Detective Inspector Joona Linna, who goes against the grain of the national police and demands to investigate the grisly murders himself.

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Game of the Thrones S6Ep6 – “Blood of my Blood” Review/Recap

Arya now finds herself in a very bad situation, and now she must find a way to get out of it. Sam and Gilly meet his parents, and Bran encounters a rider from the past.

  • Hope those ‘dancing’ lessons paid off.
  • Blast from the past.
  • A terrible King, and a Manipulative Queen?
  • Family Reunion.
  • Killing Khals and burning buildings wasn’t enough.

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Orphan Black S4Ep7 – The Antisocialism of Sex Review/Recap

Sarah is falling part, and is travelling down a dangerously familiar path. Allison, and Cosima are on the verge of collapsing, with the latter about to perform an untested study. And is Rachel’s new eye starting to make her glitch?

  • Glitches.
  • This just get worse.
  • Following Beth.
  • Self-Surgery.
  • “Bring us together”

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Game of Thrones S6Ep5 – The Door Review

A trip to the past, makes for a deadly result in the present. A new ruler is chosen, a theatre group performs, and peace is on the horizon. An angry encounter, results in a possible victory, and is love in the air?

  • New Ruler.
  • King Roberts Reign.
  • Find the Cure.
  • Peace.
  • Rise of an old House.
  • “Hold the Door”.

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Movie Announcement: Harley Quinn Spin-off Movie

There are still two months to go before Harley Quinn will debut on the big screen, played by Margot Robbie, in Suicide Squad. Along side her will be, Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Violia Davis, portraying, Deadshot, Joker, and Amanda Waller. And talks of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn getting her own film have already surfaced. Margot Robbie has even brought in a female writer to start on the script. Rumour has it that the film will have, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, and possible Black Canary, playing opposite of Harley Quinn. An all female cast, Margot Robbie as a producer, and a female writer? Will they stop there, are will a female director be added to the mix? Is this too much girl power, or should there be more? Or do you think it’s the perfect amount?

Is it too soon to be talking about a Harley Quinn movie?

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Gotham S2Ep21 – A Legion of Horribles Review

Bruce, with the help of JIm and Lucius Fox, come up with a plan to infiltrate Arkham. Harvey is the new acting Captain of the GCPD, and Hugo Strange succeeds at bring the dead to life, with memories fully intact. But chaos is about to erupt, and not everything goes as planned.

  • Servant to the Goddess of Fire.
  • Infiltrating Arkham Asylum.
  • The Fish is back!
  • Don’t follow the same path.
  • Plans demolish, and trouble starts.

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Game of Thrones S6Ep4 – Book of the Stranger Review

Jon Snow gets a unexpected visitor, and some horrible unfortunate news. And has Tormund found himself a love interest? Ramsey proves once again why he must die, and Petyr isn’t too far behind in the ‘Need To Go’ category. Margaery must atone for her sins, and Cersei once again tries to get the small council to listen. Theon has returned home, but isn’t given an overly welcome return. Tyrion meets with the Masters, Jorah and Darrio reach Vaes Dothrak, and Daenerys makes a blazing statement.

  • It only took 6 seasons.
  • Is it his time yet?
  • A new Joffery.
  • A cold welcome.
  • Atonement.
  • Playing good, but planning evil?
  • 7 years of slavery?
  • Ride the Dragon.
  • A blazing statement.

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