Westworld S1Epp3: The Stray Review/Recap

  • Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Hopkins, Jimmi Simpson, Ben Barnes, Thandie Newton, Angela Sarafyn, James Marsten, Cliffton Collins Jr., Luke Hemsworht, Shannon Woodward, Ed Harris, Rodrigo Santoro, Simon Quarterman, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ingrid Bolso Berdal
  • Network: HBO
  • Genre: Sci-Fi

One by one the Hosts are falling. First it was Peter Abernathy, and the Sheriff, then Maeve, now the stray Host found in the dead of night digging for an escape in the rocks. Westworld has a new villain, Wyatt, and a new badass, shotgun shooting heroine, who acts as Teddy’s right hand man.

SPOLIERS AHEAD from last nights episode.

Elsie (Shannon Woodward) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) have been task with bring the lost Host in before news reaches the top. Along the way they find a group of Host sitting around a fire stuck in a loop, all because their wood cutter never returned. Inside the tent they find carvings of the stray Host, and one is a turtle shell with what looks like a star constellation. Attempting to retrieve the Host, Elsie is instructed to put the Host in sleep mode while Stubbs pulls him up, but something goes wrong and the Host awakens from his slumber, and attack Stubbs, and moves in to attack Elsie. Picking up a large rock, the Host, instead of advancing on Elsie, brings the rock down on its head repeatedly until it’s head concaved.
William (Jimmi Simpson) has finally found the spirit, and adventure of Westworld when he saves a Clemtentine (Angela Sarafyn) from a gun fight, by killing his first Host, stating, “The Hosts are there, not to for them to feel things, but for us to”. Having this new sense of purpose, William sets out with Logan (Ben Barnes) on a bounty hunt.

We learned that Dr.Ford (Anthony Hopkins) didn’t work alone when creating the idea for the Hosts. But he had a partner named Arnold, who had a mysterious, and high profile death. What caused his death was his ambition to seek out the Hosts consciousness, and/or whether or not they had one. His obsession, and too much time spent with the Hosts got him killed. In warning, Ford cautions Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) not to become Arnold, that the Hosts are incapable of any feelings, unless the creators themselves program it into them.

However Bernard blatantly ignores Ford’s warning and continues with his secret meetings with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). Dolores and Bernard share a deep conversation about his son, and the pain it brought him. He asks her if she would rather remember, or forget all the pain that she has had to endure. While Dolores claims to not understanding the question, it’s seems she is on the road to understanding everything.

Ford has his own meeting with Teddy (James Marsten), and asks him about his and Dolores’ relationship, and where he thinks it is going. While Teddy has hope that his and Dolores’ life will end with happily ever after, Ford burns that hope, and simply states that Dolores was built to suffer, and nothing more. And to ensure that she stay that way, Teddy was built to keep her here, in Westworld. And that they will never have a future together.

In the span of three episodes Dolores has evolved more so then any other Host. Before Dolores is forced to repeat the horrors at her house, she is given a shooting lesson by Teddy, but when the time comes for her to pull the trigger, she is physically unable to do so, because violence is not in her programming.

For the first time, Dolores returns home after dark alone, to find her dead father, and to be dragged away into the barn to be raped and murdered. But in the pile of hay, Dolores pulls out the gun she’s been storing away, and kills her attacker. Dolores proceeds back to the house to witness her mother being killed, and has if remembering past events, manages to dodge a bullet from one of her attackers, and flee on horseback.

In the previous episode, Dolores was seen standing with the gun in her hands, almost contemplating on what to do with it. Is it possible that a voice in her head was telling her to hide it in the hay for when the time came to relive the horror in the barn? Is it possible that Bernard is the voice in her head telling to these things, and breaking her out of her continuous loop, and to fight her programming, and pull the trigger?

Catch Westworld Sunday nights on HBO at 8PM.

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