Shameless S7Ep4: I Am a Storm Review/Recap

  • Starring: Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Jeremy Allen White, Cameron Monaghan, Emma Kennedy, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton, Steve Howey, Isidora Goreshter.
  • Network: Showtime
  • Genre: Drama-Comedy

Lip can’t stop being a prick, Debbie continues to believe the world is unfair, and Kev, and V are worried Svetlana’s father is trying to sell their babies for future sex workers.
First months rent is due, and everyone managed to pull in their share, except for Debbie (Emma Kennedy). Explaining that if she doesn’t have her share by the end of the week, Fiona threatens that she’ll have to start renting out her room, and hands Debbie a job application. But when Debbie is telling the boss that her schedule is free, and there’s nothing to hold her back from working anytime, Fiona shows up with Harry, who Debbie left with Fiona. But an unsuspecting trouble happened at work that calls Fiona back, leaving Debbie to have to watch her own child, and screaming in frustration.

Turning to someone who isn’t exactly qualified to be giving a young girl life advise, Svetlana tells Debbie to quit looking for a job, and to find an idiot husband, who’s rich, and who she can manipulate. Taking an assortment of pictures, and posting them around the neighbourhood, Debbie is on the hunt for a life partner.

Fiona (Emmy Russom) is trying to make something of her life, and keep Patsy’s afloat, and all Lip can do is continuously throw it in her face that her job is nothing compared to what his non-paying internship will lead to. Walking away, Fiona packs up her stuff, and moves into her office. As a way to draw more business Fiona plans a old gangsters themed night, and renames alcoholic drinks as a way to bypass not having a liquor license.

Though it’s not like Lip (Jeremy Allen White) has any room to be judging on who’s making the right choices or not. Considering Fiona is the only one, aside from Ian, who is making a steady pay check that the rest of the family lives off of. Lip finds out the internship he’s working for is stealing money from people, and makes a break for it when the FBI shows up, and arrests everyone. But when he confronts his old professor about it, turns out he already knew, and an encourages Lip to stick with the internship, and learn the ropes.

Ian (Cameron Monaghan) meets a potential new partner, who is transgender, and is introduced to a span of transgender people with different sexuality types, and Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) is bonding with Dominique’s dad, and is considering going to military school.

Frank (William H. Macy) is fighting the neighbourhood for the request to have to homeless shelter taken down, and turns to the media to help his case. Chaining himself, and his new family to the house, Frank goes on tv to pleads his case.

Kev (Steve Howey), and V (Shanola Hampton) are getting weird vibes from Svetlana’s father, as he begins feeding them with knives, and measuring their heads. And when they find a recite for pictures, the call the cops, worrying that he is trying to sell them on the black market. As it turns out, all he was trying to do was be a good grandfather, and took them to get a family portrait, as a thank you gift for Kev, and V. Later as punishment for nearly getting her father deported, Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) makes Kev, and V dress up as horse, and rider for a night of…kinky seems like too much of a tame word for what Svetlana has planned.

Catch Shameless Sunday nights at 6PM on Showtime.

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