American Horror Story S6Ep7: Chapter 7 Review/Recap

  • Starring: Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Cuba Gooding Jr., Andre Holland, Angela Bassett, Adina Porter, Kathy Bates, Cheyenne Jackson
  • Network: FX
  • Genre: Horror, Fiction

Fully consumed, and believing that she is truly The Butcher, Agnes (Kathy Bates) kills Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson) and his two production team members.

Back at the house, a fight still burrows between Shelby (Lily Rabe), Matt (Andre Holland), and Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr.). No one seems to take it too seriously when Matt shows them that the word ‘MURDER’ has appeared on the wall, with the missing ‘R’ now filled in. And according to Matt, “The ‘R’ is for Rory” who was murdered in the previous episode.

But chaos starts to erupt when Agnes attacks Shelby by slicing her shoulder with her butchers knife. When Sideny fails to call for an ambulance (because he’s dead) Lee (Adina Porter), Monet (Angela Bassett), and Audrey (Sarah Paulson) go into the woods to find the production trailer. Shelby, Matt, and Dominic stay behind at the house, and Matt, and Shelby seems to be headed towards civil terms. But when Matt goes into the basement in the middle of the night, Dominic awakes Shelby, and leads her to Matt who is having sex with Scathach. When Matt admits that she is the whole reason heaven came back to the house, Shelby beats him to death with a metal rod.

When Lee, Monet, and Audrey encounter the gruesome scene of Sidney, and his dead crew, the trio are sent into a frenzie trying to find a cell phone, when the Polk family finds, and kidnaps them. Separating Lee, from Monet, and Audrey, she is tormented, and slowly has her leg cut into strips, which Audrey and Monet then forced to eat.

Dominic tries to calm Shelby after the realization of what she’s done hits her, he encourages her that when they leave, the best thing for her to do is to turn herself in to the police. But the shouts of Agnes draws them in, and they see her standing outside the house. As Agnes is calling for satisfaction, and claiming to be the Butcher, the real Butcher nad her colony show up. Agnes tries to explain her reasoning her impersonating her, the Butcher kills Agnes by putting her knife through Agnes’ head.

Catch American Horror Story Wednesday night’s at 7PM on FX

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