The Darkest Touch (A Lords of the Underworld Novel) Review

  • Title: The Darkest Touch (Book #11)
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • Publisher: Harlequin Books S.A
  • Publication Date: November 24, 2014
  • Edition: 2014 Massmarket Paperback Edition
  • Pages: 473
  • Special Features: Sneak peaks of ‘The One You Want’ (Original Heart Breakers Novella), and ‘The Closer You Come’ (Original Heart Breakers Book 1).
  • Price: $8.99 CAD ($7.00 USD)
  • Genre: Paranormal-Fiction
  • ISBN: 978-0-373-7789-11

Oh dear, how to start this review. Which I guess isn’t a good way to start a review. While I didn’t hate it, I certainly dind’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. There were parts of this book that I liked, but as a whole I found it very hard to get behind the protagonist of this book. The problem is, where to start? There’s good, and there’s bad. Let’s start with the bad.

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Gotham S3Ep11: Beware the Green Eyes Monster Review/Recap

  • Starring: Ben McKenzie, David Mazouz, Don Logue, Benedict Samuel, Cory Michael Smith, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova, Maggie Geha, Sean Pertwee, 
  • Network: FOX
  • Genre: Drama, Crime

Bruce (David Mazouz) Selina (Camren Bicondova), and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) break into the Court of Owls headquarters, and when Bruce, and Selina reach the safe, they find a glass owl inside. Taking the, what seems to be useless statue, Bruce and Selina are attacked by Talon, the Court of Owls assassin. Throwing a flash grenade, Bruce and Selina make their get away while Alfred takes on Talon. But Bruce, as always, refuses to leave Alfred behind and comes to his defence when Talon gets too close to comfort, which then prompt Selina to slide into action. Then out of no where, a woman appears and distracts Talon while Aflred goes in for the kill, and later reveals herself to be Selina’s mother.
Ed (Cory Michael Smith) is ready to play all sorts of games, anything that will lead to Isabella’s murderer. After a visit from Barabra (Erin Richards) who coughs penguin when revealing the muderer, and giving Ed a riddle suggesting Oswald is in love with him. While giving Oswald papers to sign, Ed slips in his letter of resignation, and tells Oswald that he is hoping for something more than an employee/employer relationship. Oswald shares that he feels the same way, but his heart is quickly crushed when Ed reveals he is not talking about love, but about partnership. A business partnership.

Before leaving the business engagement, Ed reminds Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) that he his his best friend, and goes off to see Barabra, Tabitha, and Butch. Ed has changed his mind about wanting to kill Isabella’s killer, instead, will resort to destroying Oswald, and asks for the help of Barabra, Tabitha, and Butch. In return Barabra wants Ed’s help to become the new leader of the Gotham underworld, Ed only replied with, “Destroy Oswald first”. Sorry Barabra but it doesn’t look like Ed’s going to help you. As for Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) whose getting a feel for her newly attached hand, and Butch (Drew Powell) their not quite feeling Ed’s apology, but seem willing enough to help.
Mario is infect with Alice Tetch’s virus, and is sending Jim (Ben Mckenzie) on a wild goose chase. First, leaving a clue on Jim’s hand after attacking him, telling him to go to Arkham to see Jervis, then to Mario and Lee’s house to warn Lee, only to have Mario be there waiting for him. The last stop, the church where the wedding is taking place, where Jim tells Lee everything, which Mario had already told her. As a way to convince her to call off the wedding, Jim tells Lee (Morena Baccarin) about the time that he came to see her, and caught a glimpse of her and Mario in the window. But the only thing Jim managed to do was solidify Mario’s plan to get Lee to hate him. While Jim is escorted out of the building, Lee, and Mario marry. 

But happily ever after didn’t last for long, when Jim gets a call from Harvey telling him that they have proof that Mario faked his Tetch virus test. Going to see Falcone, Jim demands to know where they are, and promises to bring Mario back alive.

At the lake house, Mario ask Lee if she still cares about Jim, she answers yes, and that a small part of her always will, but she has states that Mario was the way she married. Clearly not the answer that she was hoping to hear. Setting up what was suppose to be a nice little dinner, Mario emerges onto the balcony, ready to stab Lee, when Jim arrives and shoots Mario, who drops the would be murder weapon into the water below where it begins to float away, and leaving Lee in complete shock.

And that is the Fall Finale of Gotham.

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Westworld S1Ep9: The Well-Tempered Clavier Review/Recap

  • Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Luke Hemsworth, Rodrigo Santoro, Jimmi Simpson, Ben Barnes, Angela Sarafyan
  • Network: HBO
  • Genre: Scifi

The story behind Maeve and Bernard just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and more intense. After Maeve (Thandie Newton) is brought in after killing the new Clemtentine, she quickly confronts Bernard, and informs hi that he is a Host, and demands that he approve her for clearance to return to the park. Once back, Maeve seeks out Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) and recruits him for her army to get out of the park, by showing him the the safe he stole I’d empty, and hat it will always be empty. Together, they burn in a tent to make their way back to “hell”.

Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and William (Jimmi Simpson) are imprisoned by Logan and the Confederate’s. Logan (Ben Barnes) is desprite to show William that Dolores isn’t real, and cuts her open and shows him the mechanics inside. Dolores manages to escape by cutting Logan face, and shooting some of the Confederates, and is oozed off by William who promises to find her. Later that night, Logan believes that he’s finally managed to get through to William, and release him from his bonds. But the next morning, Logan wakes up to every Confederate slaughtered, and William sitting there with the knife. William then threatens Logan into helping him find Dolores.

Control centre has gotten a hit on Elsie supposed whereabouts, and Ashley (Luke Hemsworth) goes into the park to investigate, only to be ambushed by a group of Ghost Nation warriorrs.

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is descending into madness after his meeting with Maeve, and confronts Ford on the matter, and demands that Ford restore al his memories, dating far enough back to when he met Arnold. Along the way Bernard remembers that Ford instructed him to kill Elsie, and it’s revealed that Bernard is the resorted version of Arnold, and during Bernard’s flashbacks, we bounce back and forth to Dolores’, who found her way back to the old town and church, where we also learn that she killed Arnold. Bernard tried to rebel against Ford by bringing in the old Clementine  and instructing her to shoot Ford if he tries to escape. But Ford had accessed the back code in Clementine’s programming and had her surrender the gun, which Ford instructed Bernard to take, and accessing his back code, instructed him to kill himself once Ford left the room.

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Scream Queens S2Ep6: Blood Drive Review/Recap

  • Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, John Stamos, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, Taylor Lautner, Lea Michele, Kristie Alley, Keke Palmer
  • Network: City
  • Genre: Horror-Comedy

It’s time for a deadly competition between the Chanel, and the rest of the hospital staff for the chance to win a paid or vacation, courtesy of nurse Hoffel (Kristie Alley). Due to her inability to lose anything, Chanel (Emma Roberts) is determined to win so she and and Dr. Holt (John Stamos) can take the vacation together. But Chanel’s plans unravel when her blood is tested, and she is revealed to have every STD there is to have, and is rejected by Dr. Holt.

Still Chanel refuses to let that stop her, she continues to take blood from Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin), and even hooks up Chanel #9 when Chanel #5 refuses to help any longer, to a machine in the basement that allows Chanel to draw out more blood at once. When Chanel #9 is being drained, Chanel goes to the Blood Drive mobile to collect more blood, she finds out that she blood has been taken by Hester. As a way to cure her vampire patient, Hester is force feeding him blood until just the thought of it make him sick.

Meanwhile Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Chamberlain are trying to figure out a way to get a sample of Jane’s blood, so they can cross reference it with every staff member, and try to use to to figure out who her baby, and the Green Meanie is.

Down in the basement, Chanel #9 is killed by the Green Meanie. But during the killing nurse Hoffel walking in on the slaying, and confronts the Green Meanie who reveals himself to be Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner). That’s not the only secret to be revealed this episode, but the maid that Chanel accidentally killed in season 1 was Hoffel’s sister, and she wants to help Cassidy on his killing spree has her way of getting back at the Chanels. But is also revealed that there is another Green Meanie, that Cassidy didn’t even know about.

Finally making her way back down to the basement, Chanel discovers the dead, dried up body of Chanel #9, but I’d quick to dismiss her, and marvel in the fact that with all the blood bag Chanel #9 filled, it is enough to push Chanel over the edge, and win the Blood Drive contest.
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Gotham S3Ep10: Time Bomb Review/Recap

  • Starring: Ben McKenzie, David Mazouz, Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith, Don Logue, Cameron Bicondova, Morena Baccarin, Erin Richards, Jessica Lucas, Sean Pertwee
  • Network: FOX
  • Genre: Drama-crime 

Ed (Cory Michael Smith) is on the hunt to for Isabella’s killer, and bring them to justice. Purchasing an array of torture devices, Ed finds, and kidnaps Butch and Tabitha. As a way to force a confession out of Butch (Drew Powell) Ed puts him through electroshock therapy. But when Butch holds firm on his innocence, Ed turns his attention to Tabitha. Setting a timer to the guillotine, Ed places Tabitha’s (Jessica Lucas) restrained hand on the chopping board, where she is then forced to choose between save her own hand by delivering a deadly dose of electricity to Butch’s head, or sacrifice her hand for the man she loves.

While time ticks away, Butch finally admits to what Ed is accusing him of, but realization hits Ed when Butch claims he killed Isabella by shooting her, not by cutting her brakes. Ed realizes his mistake, but it’s too late, and Butch has already given his blessing for Tabitha to hit the switch. But Tabitha refuses, and let’s the guillotine blade fall on her hand.

Barbra is desperate to find Tabitha, and Butch and runs to Oswald thinking he had something to do with it, but eventually finds out that Ed has taken them. But unfortunately Barbra (Erina Richards) arrived a little too late, and is encouraged by Ed to quickly put Tabitha’s hand on some ice, and take her to the hospital. Along the way, Barbra fits the pieces of the puzzle together, and uncovers who really killed Isabella, and the motive behind the killing.

As it turns out, Bruce (David Mazouz) has one less enemy then he thought. As it turns out, the gang who were after him, Selina, and Ivy, are only after the key, to ensure that the Court of Owls don’t get their hands on it. With a common enemy, the two work together to bring down the Court of Owls, but during their stake out, the gang’s leader is taken out of a Court of Owls assassin. 

This isn’t the last time the Court of Owls is brought up. When numerous murder attempts are made on Mario’s life, Falcone takes matters into his own hands, not trusting Jim or the GCPD to bring this to an end. When one of Mario’s attackers is brought in for questioning, Falone assaults the man, and pulls out one of his teeth, which contains an image which leads Falcone to the people behind the attacks.

Confronting the Lady, head of the Court, Falcone threatens to come out of retirement, and blackmails the Court into leaving is son, and Lee alone.
Mario is still holding a bit of jealousy over Jim once being with Lee, and when Leen goes to Jim to say a proper, and final goodbye, Mario follows her, and fills with rage, and unleashes it on two men trying to rob him. Pinning one of the men to a street pole, it’s shown in Mario’s face that he is infected with the Tetch virus.

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Westworld S1Ep8: Trace Decay Review/Recap

  • Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Jimmi Simpson, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Barnes, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Clifton Collins Jr., Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Luke Hemsworth, Simon Quarterman, Rodrigo Santoro, Angela Sarafyn, Shannon Woodward, Ed Harris
  • Network: HBO
  • Genre: Sci-fi

Maeve (Thandie Newton) may have pushed things too far in this episode. She continued to install fear into Felix and Sylvester and known she has the skill set to control the other Hosts, and nearly killed Sylvester. With her new skill Maeve began to rework other Hosts programming to fit the needs for her army, and changed the narrative in the park so Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) and his crew could take the safe. But Maeve wasn’t careful, and was so desperate to escape that she didn’t cover her tracks. The night that she chose to escape in the park, she killed the new Clementine in front of witnesses, and evaded authorities by creating her own story and telling another Host to intervene. And when staff couldn’t shut her down, technicians are sent in to take her away.

Teddy (James Marsden) and the Man in Black find a woman, the lone survivor of her group against Wyatt’s attack, when they themselves are attacked by a beast of a man dressed in a horn helmet. During the altercation between Wyatt’s man, and the Man in Black, Teddy begins getting flashbacks of the Man in Black dragging Dolores into the barn. When the fight is over, Teddy confronts the Man in Black, and knocks him unconscious. Teddy reveals that he remembers that night, and threatens to kill thr Man in Black, when the mystery man reveals why he’s really at the park. After his wife’s suicide, and his daughter believing it was his fault, mystery man took to the April to find his true nature, and realized after he killed Maeve and her daughter, a story he created, that being a killer is who he really is, and that was the day that he found the maze, and that’s all thats mattered to him since. Despite his story, Teddy feels no remorse for the man, and still plans on killing him, but is unable to pull the trigger, or even hand the gun over when the woman offers to do it. But off in the distance, Wyatt’s army approaches, and the woman announces that Wyatt’s been waiting for him [Teddy], and stabs him with an arrow.

The death of Theresea is spreading throughout the facility, and it is believed by, limits everyone, that she fell into a raven trying to transmit park information. Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is broken up about what Ford (Anthony Hopkins) made him do, and begins to question if Ford has made him do any else of this nature. While Ford claims he hasn’t, Bernard has a brief memory flash of him choking Elsie. Ford erases Bernard mind of everything but having a professional but elusive relationship with Theresea, but with the Hosts evolving, with help, and on their own, it only a matter of time before Bernard overrides Ford programming, and remembers everything.

Even though Dolores seems heavily used in the promos for the show, she seems the least interesting compared to what’s going on with the other Hosts. But she and William (Jimmi Simpson) have found the place where Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) claims is home, but the memories become too much, and too dark and almost results in Dolores killing herself. She can no longer tell what’s real or a memory, and is drawn to the burned down church, which she claims is where Arnold wanted her to go. But William pulls her away from the ghost town, but the two are confronted by Logan (Ben Barnes) and the men they abandoned him to.

Catch Westworld on Sunday nights at 8PM on HBO.

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Shameless S7Ep8: You Sold Me The Laundromat, Remember? Review/Recap

  • Starring: Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Jeremy Allen White, Cameron Monaghan, Emma Kennedy, Steve Howey, Shanola Hampton, Isidora Gorshter
  • Network: Showtime
  • Genre: Drama-comedy

Kevin (Steve Howey) is left unsettled after the whole situation with Svetlana and Yvan, and when Svetlana (Isidora Gorshter) steals Kevin’s Van, and reports it stolen in order to collect the insurance money in order to finance another job, Kevin is left question his relationship with Veronica. Veronica (Shanola Hampton) seems unbothered by the craziness Svetlana brings, and is causing a rift between her and Kevin, so much so that Kev goes to Fiona for help to sort through the mess that is his love life. Fiona confesses that she’s never trust Svetlana, and her distrust furthered when Svetlana turned Veronica against her. In exchange for advice, Kevin agrees to help Fiona, and gets customers from the bar to help with renovations to the laundromat. Help that Fiona (Emmy Rossum) desperately needs, since Etta is adding to the stress by blowing through all her money, buying ridiculous items.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) was close to having a second chance at college after his ex-professor gets him a meeting with the disciplinary board. But unfortunately, even with Ian being his character witness, the school refuses to forgive his actions, or to expunge his record, and therefore will not accept Lip back to school. As a result, Lip goes off the deep end and picks a fight with Sierra’s ex when he comes to the diner asking to see Lucas, and stumbles away in a drunken stouper.

Lip isn’t the only one having a hard time. As a way to get DCFS off her back, Debbie (Emma Kennedy) goes to Derek’s family, and tries to make nice with Talia, and Franny’s grandmother. But right from the start it seemed clear that Derek’s family wanted nothing to do with Debbie, and were only pretending to play nice and see Debbie’s place in order to go back later and steal Franny. And if Debbie were smart, she would have reported the kidnapping, but instead took matters into her own hands, and went back to their house, scream threats that she would kill them, and burn their house down if they didn’t give Franny back, all the while being filmed by Talia. None does Debbie stand a chance of keeping Debbie? Probably not, but does the mean tha Derek’s family will get her? Possibly, but also not necessarily. After all, you can’t just go steal someone’s baby, even if you have a relation to them. A possible scenario is Franny is taken away from both families, and but into foster care, and given to another family.

Find out what other situations the Gallaghers get themselves into, and what will Kev do about Svetlana and Veronica, next week.

Catch Shameless Sunday nights at 6Pm on Showtime.

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Made To Be Broken (A Nadia Stafford Novel) Review

  • Title: Made To Be Broken (A Nadia Stafford Novel)
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong
  • Publisher: Vintage Canada; division of Random House Canada
  • Publication Date: February 7, 2012 (Feb. 24, 2009 [Original])
  • Edition: 2012 Paperback
  • Pages: 351
  • Special Features: None
  • Price: $16.95
  • ISBN: 978-0-307-36116-5
  • Genre: Fiction-Crime

Nadia Stafford used to be a cop, but now works as part-time lodge owner, and part-timer hit woman. When one of her workers suddenly goes missing, Nadia takes it upon herself to find out why. But when she discovers that both she, and her baby are gone, Nadia knows that something isn’t right. While others in town are quick to believe that the girl simply ran off, Nadia listens to her gut, and makes a startling discovery.

Nadia, and Jack are together again as they work together to solve the disappearance of Sammy and her daughter. But during their investigation they uncover that Sammy has fallen prey to an illegal operation. Along the way Nadia, and Jack learn that Sammy isn’t the only victim, but many other young mothers have found themselves in the cross hairs. Soon the case becomes too much and Nadia and Jack require help from others.

Quinn, and Evelyn make an appearance in this book, and while it was nice to see Quinn, I’m not sure it was so nice to see Evelyn. You never know if she’s really there to help, or if she’s just there to use people. Poor Nadia is forced to play her games, and at one point Nadia calls Evelyn’s integrity into question. There was one moment where it seemed like Nadia was actually going to hit her. Quinn adds a bit of light humour, and fun into the book with his easy going attitude, and him and Nadia seem to be slowly moving into the direction of more than just friends. But I’m not sure how long that will last since after over hearing a conversation between Jack and Evelyn, Nadia may find herself torn between fun and easy, and serious and complicated.

Overall rating: 5/5 stars.

Would I recommend: Yes. If crime, mystery, and drama is your type of read, then this is the book for you.
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American Horror Story S6Ep10: Chapter 10 Reivew/Recap

  • Starring: Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Adina Porter, Andre Holland, Cuba Gooding Jr., Anglea Bassett
  • Network: FX
  • Genre: Horror

It’s the season fianle of American Horror Story season 6, and all members of the cast are dead, but one. Lee (Adina Porter) is left to deal with the aftermath, and stands accused for the killings. But she is acquitted of all the murders, and is working to if the relationship between her and Flora. To set the record straight, Lee goes on Lana Winters the famous reporter who killed her own son she had with Bloody Face. During the interview, Lee learns the Flora has gone missing, and she is the number one suspect in her disappearance. During the broadcast, Lot Polk enters with a gun, and starts killing crew members, and threatens the lives of Lana, and Lee before he is killed.

A group called Spirit Chasers along with Ashley Gilbert break into the Roanoke house in hopes that they can catch the spirits on camera, but end up running into Lee, who is looking for Flora, having reason to believe that she has returned to the house.  In the house, the Spirit Chasers, and Ashley are murdered by the ghosts, and Lee is reunited with Flora. But it’s not a happ reunion has Flora makes it clear that she doesn’t want to go home with Lee. Instead she wants to die, so she can protect Priscilla from the Butcher. Lee and Flora are trapped in the house, while police surround the house. Knowing both of them won’t make it out alive, Lee makes a deal with Flora. In exchange for Flora to leave this place, and go live with her grandparents, Lee sacrifices herself to stay with Priscilla and protect her.

As Flora leaves the house, she watches as Lee and Priscilla disappear into the forest, and the remaining officers are killed as the Butcher and her mob descend on the house.
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Scream Queens S2Ep5: Chanel Pour Homme-icide Review/Recap

  • Starrin: Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Leah Michele, Kiristie Alley, Taylor Lautner, John Stamos, Billie Lourd, James Earl
  • Network: City
  • Genre: Comedy-horror

After finding Denise’s body, and Chanel #5’s body, Munsch (Jamie Lee Curits) and Zayday (Keke Palmer) take Denise’s body and put it in the freezer. Chanel #5 (Abigal Breslin) is all but forgotten, and is taken out the the hospital, and brought home where it would be more convenient for Chanel (Emma Roberts) to yell at her. Zayday promises to take care of. Chanel #5, in exchange for her help to find Bill’s wife, Jane who survived the 1985 Halloween massacre. 

In the meantime, Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd), Cassidy (Taylor Lautner), and Brock (John Stamos) have taken a case where a woman takes the accent of those around her. But turns out the disease is contagious and Brock, Chanel #3, and Cassidy soon find themselves speaking with different accents.

Chanel is lost without any one to boss around, and begins recruiting new Chanels, even a male Chanel, Tristan who is obsessed with writing Chanel fan fiction. But the new Chanel’s are only pawns to luring in the Green Meanie. Chanel #8 is sent to the basement to find a necklace that Chanel had hidden, but little does Chanel #8 know is that she’s being used as bait. But Tristan, eager to find the necklace himself, sends Chanel #8 away, and finds himself the Green Meanie’s next victim. But at least he found the necklace.

Zayday, and Chanel #5 manage to track down Jane, Bill’s wife, and question her about her baby. But when the two leave, believing Chandler to be her son, it’s revealed at the end of the episode that Jane’s son is actually  Cassidy.
Catch Scream Queens Tuesday night’s at 8PM on City.

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