Gotham S3Ep7: Red Queen Review/Recap

  • Starring: Ben McKenzie, David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith, Morena Baccarin, Camren Bicondova, Erin Richards, Michael Chiklis, Donal Logue, Drew Powell, Benedict Samuel, Maggie Geha, Chris Chalk
  • Network: FOX
  • Genre: Drama-Crime, based on DC characters.

In the after math of Tetch’s tea party, Jim (Ben McKenzie) is having conflicting feelings. While Jim claims to love Valerie, and any feelings he has for Lee (Morena Baccarin) are gone,  both Valerie (Jamie Chung), and Lee don’t agree. Both women call Jim on his little ploy of picking Lee, because he knew Tetch would see that as Jim’s way of trying to save Valerie, when in retrospect, it was actually Jim’s way to save Lee.

But no matter how hard Jim tries to convince Valerie otherwise when he goes to see her at the hospital, she doesn’t by it. During the visit Jim runs into Tetch (Benedict Samuel) who ends up luring him down into the basement where Tetch drugs him with the powerful hallucinatic called, Red Queen.


Bullock (Donal Logue) and Barnes (Michael Chiklis) are interrogating a hospital staff member they know gave his security card to Tetch so they could break into Gotham Hospital. But during the interrogation Barnes loses control, and starts to beat the guy into confessing. Bullock manages to stop Barnes from taking things too far, and how much longer doesn’t Barnes have until Alice’s blood makes him do something he can’t take back?


During his hallucinatic trip, Jim is taken on a elevator ride with Barbra (Erin Richards) who takes him to every stop/memory/possibilities in his life. One stop, Jim coming home from work to his wife, Lee, and their two children. Another, Jim sharing a car ride with his father before the fatal crash, where he reminds Jim what it means to be a Gordon.

Mario finds Jim passed out in the basement with a bottle of Red Queen beside him, and quickly brings him up for immediate treatment. When Jim awakens, Mario tells him that a few minutes more, and Jim would have been dead.

With a new view on life, Jim returns to Valerie to plead his case and prove the feelings he has for her are real, and later goes to the GCPD, and requesting reinstatement.
Jim isn’t the only one who is having a difficult ime. Oswald has lost his chance to declare his love for Ed, when Ed returns to the mansion and announces that he has found someone special. Jealousy, anger, and hurt is not a good combo when dealing with Oswald, and being stood up brought all three to the surface. Tracking down Ed’s mystery woman, Oswald finds Isabella at the library, and casually/accidentally lets it slip that Ed was in Arkham for murdering his ex-girlfriend who Isabella bears a startling resemblance to.

But Oswald’s little attempt to sabotage their relationship didn’t go so well. And so after his treacherous dinner for the major families of Gotham, Oswald is startled when he finds Isabella at the mansion with Ed for their dinner date. Turns out, she already knew about the murder, and incarceration. Oswald just can’t catch a break.

But on a brighter note, Bruce (David Mazouz) is honing his cooking skills, and is cooking a fabulous dinner for him and Selina.



Catch Gotham Monday nights at 8PM on FOX.

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