American Horror Story S6Ep9: Chapter 9 Review/Recap

  • Starring: Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Cuba Gooding Jr., Andre Holland, Cheyenna Jackson
  • Network: FX
  • Genre: Horror

It’s down to the wire, and there are only four remaining cast members, Audrey, Monet, Lee, and Dylan. And while the four are trying to escape the craziness surrounding the house, three friends are trying to find it. Sophie (Taissa Farmiga) Todd (Jacob Artist), and Milo (Jon Bass) are fanatics of the show, My Roanoke Nightmare and hav travelled to the house to see for themselves if the craziness is real. But what they ended up encountering is much more then what they bargained for. After being dismissed by the police after reporting a dead woman in a turned over car, the trio returns the house at night to gave the truth of Roanoke. But along the way, they learn that somethings are better left alone.

Audrey (Sarah Paulson) Lee (Adina Porter), and Dylan () return to the Polk house to retrieve Lee’s tape, and to rescue Monet. But along the way Dylan is killed, and as the woman flee, once again, into the woods, Audrey and Monet are separated from Lee (again). Lee is left alone in the woods with the mob closing in, when Scathach appears, and brings her the heart of a pig, which allows Scathcha to possess Lee’s body.

Sophie, and Milo stumble upon the dead bodies of Sidney, and his cameraman while they’re fleeing from Lee who just killed their friend Todd. But they are later caught in front of the house, impaled with posts, and burned alive. Lee makes it make to the house, where Audrey and Monet have watched the tape and learned that Lee did in fact kill her husband. But Monet made the mistake of taunting Lee with that information, and Scathcha possessed Lee pushes Monet over the railing, and is impaled by a broken piece of wood. Audrey tries to flee, but makes the terrible mistake of climbing into the cellar where Edward Mott kept his workers. Before she can climb all the way down, Lee strikes her with her butchers knife, and closes the cellar door.

When morning hits, the police show up to find the carnage left behind, and find Lee passed out. When she comes to the realization of what she’s done comes back to her. But Lee isn’t the only one to survive that night, the police find Audrey, who has survived the deadly blow to her shoulder, crawling out of the cellar. But as the police escort her to the car, Audrey spots Lee, and grabs the officers gun, and tries to shoot her. But before she can get a single shot out, she is gunned down by the police.

Lee is the sole survivor of Roanoke, but that doesn’t mean she’s free. She’ll have to tell the story of Roanoke again, and how everyone came to die. Not only that, but she doesn’t have the camera confessing her guilt to killing her husband. Not only that, but wasn’t Audrey filming when Lee came for her, and Monet?
Catch American Horror Story Wednesday night’s at 7Pm on FX.

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