How To Get Away With Murder S3Ep8: No More a Blood Review/Recap

  • Starring: Viola Davis, Karla Souza, Jack Falahee, Alfred Enoch, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, Conrad Ricamora, Liza Weil, Charlie Weber, 
  • Network: ABC
  • Genre: Crime-drama

Frank (Charlie Weber) is back, and is trying desperately to get back on Annalise’s good side. But Annalise (Viola Davis) wants nothing to do with him, and warns him Frank, that if he comes near her house, she’ll kill him. But Annalise can’t help but take advantage of the fact that Frank is around, when Wes (Alfred Enoch) finds himself in trouble with Charles Mahoney’s lawyer. Wes is being forced to take the stand at trial when Charles’ lawyer presents an alibi for her client at the time of Mr. Mahoney’s murder. Wes, Laurel (Karla Souza), and Annalise managed to delay the trail by presenting Wes’ medical records, and the fact the he was checked in to a mental health facility.

In the meantime Frank is tasked with finding out who the alibi is, and even though he did, no one was expecting it to be the same woman who paid Frank off ten years ago that resulted in the death of Annalise’s baby. Frank offers to take her out, but Annalise demands that no more blood be spilt. Instead Annalise, with the help of Nate (though he’s unaware that he helping her) purchases a prepaid phone, has it secretly delivered to Charles in prison, and has phone records pulled up, stating that Charles and his alibi have talked in prison.

Wes is off the hook, and Frank tries to make amends with Annalise, but the two just get into a heated argument that nearly results in Frank shooting himself in the head.

Hargrove finds herself on the verge of losing her children to her ex-husband, and is willing to give up any amount of custody she has to her ex, in exchange for 2 supervised visits a month. But finding a loop hole, Annalise agrees to take the case.

Well the re-kindling romance between Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and Connor (Jack Falahee) ended as quickly as it begun. Not long after the two started spending more time together, Oliver begins questioning Connor commitment to him, and all the secret keeping, and later deems Connor has emotional damage, and only loving the idea of Oliver and using him as a security blanket for when things go bad with Annalise.

After news of Annalise’s house going up in flames, and a dead male being found in the house, Oliver is probably regretting everything that he said, as no one has heard from Connor. But rest assured Connor is fine, and had just finished having a wild night with Thomas.

Catch how To Get Away With Murder Thursday nights at 10PM on ABC.

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