Gotham S3Ep10: Time Bomb Review/Recap

  • Starring: Ben McKenzie, David Mazouz, Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith, Don Logue, Cameron Bicondova, Morena Baccarin, Erin Richards, Jessica Lucas, Sean Pertwee
  • Network: FOX
  • Genre: Drama-crime 

Ed (Cory Michael Smith) is on the hunt to for Isabella’s killer, and bring them to justice. Purchasing an array of torture devices, Ed finds, and kidnaps Butch and Tabitha. As a way to force a confession out of Butch (Drew Powell) Ed puts him through electroshock therapy. But when Butch holds firm on his innocence, Ed turns his attention to Tabitha. Setting a timer to the guillotine, Ed places Tabitha’s (Jessica Lucas) restrained hand on the chopping board, where she is then forced to choose between save her own hand by delivering a deadly dose of electricity to Butch’s head, or sacrifice her hand for the man she loves.

While time ticks away, Butch finally admits to what Ed is accusing him of, but realization hits Ed when Butch claims he killed Isabella by shooting her, not by cutting her brakes. Ed realizes his mistake, but it’s too late, and Butch has already given his blessing for Tabitha to hit the switch. But Tabitha refuses, and let’s the guillotine blade fall on her hand.

Barbra is desperate to find Tabitha, and Butch and runs to Oswald thinking he had something to do with it, but eventually finds out that Ed has taken them. But unfortunately Barbra (Erina Richards) arrived a little too late, and is encouraged by Ed to quickly put Tabitha’s hand on some ice, and take her to the hospital. Along the way, Barbra fits the pieces of the puzzle together, and uncovers who really killed Isabella, and the motive behind the killing.

As it turns out, Bruce (David Mazouz) has one less enemy then he thought. As it turns out, the gang who were after him, Selina, and Ivy, are only after the key, to ensure that the Court of Owls don’t get their hands on it. With a common enemy, the two work together to bring down the Court of Owls, but during their stake out, the gang’s leader is taken out of a Court of Owls assassin. 

This isn’t the last time the Court of Owls is brought up. When numerous murder attempts are made on Mario’s life, Falcone takes matters into his own hands, not trusting Jim or the GCPD to bring this to an end. When one of Mario’s attackers is brought in for questioning, Falone assaults the man, and pulls out one of his teeth, which contains an image which leads Falcone to the people behind the attacks.

Confronting the Lady, head of the Court, Falcone threatens to come out of retirement, and blackmails the Court into leaving is son, and Lee alone.
Mario is still holding a bit of jealousy over Jim once being with Lee, and when Leen goes to Jim to say a proper, and final goodbye, Mario follows her, and fills with rage, and unleashes it on two men trying to rob him. Pinning one of the men to a street pole, it’s shown in Mario’s face that he is infected with the Tetch virus.

Catch Gotham Fall Finale tonight at 8PM on FOX.

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