The Darkest Touch (A Lords of the Underworld Novel) Review

  • Title: The Darkest Touch (Book #11)
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • Publisher: Harlequin Books S.A
  • Publication Date: November 24, 2014
  • Edition: 2014 Massmarket Paperback Edition
  • Pages: 473
  • Special Features: Sneak peaks of ‘The One You Want’ (Original Heart Breakers Novella), and ‘The Closer You Come’ (Original Heart Breakers Book 1).
  • Price: $8.99 CAD ($7.00 USD)
  • Genre: Paranormal-Fiction
  • ISBN: 978-0-373-7789-11

Oh dear, how to start this review. Which I guess isn’t a good way to start a review. While I didn’t hate it, I certainly dind’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. There were parts of this book that I liked, but as a whole I found it very hard to get behind the protagonist of this book. The problem is, where to start? There’s good, and there’s bad. Let’s start with the bad.

Torin is nothing compared to how he was in the other books. A carefree, funny, charismatic guy. In The Darkest Touch Torin is arrogant, and the most irresponsible he’s ever been, and considering he’s never played a major role before you still got the sense that he took his predicament seriously. But in this book, he could care less about the well being of others, including the well-being of the woman that he loved (who by the way took him like 3 days to be wooed by her). Torin ego, especially near the end was blistering, and he kept acting like he was the big boss around the house.

Keeley started out has a potentially strong female heroine, but soon she became very annoying, and also quite arrogant. She was always so happy to throw her power in people’s face, and what seemed like on every paper, she’d announce, “I’m the Red Queen” over, and over again. Honestly, I’m all for a strong female character who does require constant saving, and who can actually take care of themselves, but Keeley very quickly became a Mary Sue character, and there were moments where it seemed like the writing was trying to make her more likeable, but I just couldn’t bring myself to like her. Especially when it came to a conversation between, *Spoiler Alert****
***Spoiler Ahead*

Torin, Keeley, and Cameo. That was a chance for Keeley to show some ounce of respect, and bring her own ego down 10 notches. But instead her attitude in that scene just made her more unlikable in my eyes.

Together, both Torin and Keeley are actually quite selfish, and only think of themselves. Torin of getting his hands on Kelley, not actually caring (even though he constantly says he does) that he’s forcing her to constantly get sick with the worse diseases. And Keeley, not caring when Torin request that she keep distance between them so that when he did show an ounce of caring, he wouldn’t infect her. Both never really thought about they other, any other people who might be infected, and a potential plague.

On top of them being arrogant, and selfish, both were incredibly repetitive. It was a vicious circle of, kill her she threatened friends, kill him he killed Mari, can’t kill her I need her, can’t kill him I need him, kill her, kill him, I like her, I like him, I dislike her, I hate him, have to kill her, have to kill him, stay with me, go away, can’t touch, lets touch, no more, yes more, kill, love, hate, like, no, yes. It was was annoying! It was like this for the entire novel between these two. I feel like something has changed in the writing styles of The Darkest Touch, and some more recent titles in this series, compared to the eariler books. It’s a really shame, because I feel like the character were better written.

Another problem this book faced was these two characters basically fell for each other at most 3 chapters in. It was kind of ridiculous. It’s obvious when you pick up a book like this, in this series, that the two characters are going to end up together. But at least let them have some character developement, and actual feeling development. Not have them promise to killing each other one page, and have them be all happy with each other’s company on the next. Both of their feelings, and emotion were unbelievable, and very fantasy like. Torin would always say how much he’s dreamed of this, and that’s what this book felt like, a lonely mans dream of being powerful, unstoppable, with a serious case of an overinflated ego.

Another element wrong with Torin is, in eariler books, I do believe it’s said that he has the least experience fighting, and isn’t the best fighter because of his demon holding him back. And yet, all of a sudden his this top notch, ready to take on every creature, man, and beast, and defeating them all no problem.

So much negative, I hate that! But there were some good elements to this book.

Some of the Lords, and Ladies made an appearance, some were only mentioned by name, and the two couples who didn’t get their time to say anything, still managed still the show, and garnered more excitement from me then Torin or Keeley did. Another great moment, the arrival of Gilly, William, and his children. The newly found use of the artifacts, and learning more about Hades. Also the breif chapters narrated by Cameo, and Baden I found more interesting than Torin and Keeley’s which is a real shame.

My Overall Rating: 3/5 stars. And I feel that’s a weak 3. But I enjoyed reading about Cameo, Baden, Hades, and the moments with the other Lords, and their enough to drive this book to a three. If none of these character were in it, I fell like this book be either a 1 or 2.5 at most.

Would I Recommend: Maybe. It depends if you like characters who display large amounts of arrogance, and have largely enflamed egos. But if you do pick up this book, you will enjoy the other aspect of this book, that doesn’t circle around it’s main hero and heroine.
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