Scream Queens S2Ep7: The Hand Review/Recap

  • Starring: Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristie Alley, John Stamos, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, Lea Michele, Taylor Lautner
  • Network: City
  • Genre: Horror-Comedy

Dr.Holt (John Stamos) and his murderous hand are the main focus of this weeks episode. Dr. Holt is struggling for control has his hand, which previously belonged to a serial killer is fighting for complete control. And the less sleep Dr. Holt gets, the more power the hand gets.

Dr. Holt is forced to restrain his  murder hand when in the company of others to avoid choking them, or cutting them with a scalpel. What’s not helping matters is Nurse Hoffel (Kristie Alley) is out for revenge against Chanel (Emma Roberts), and plans to use Dr. Holt’s murder hand to get what she wants. Chanel killed. Hoffel hacks into Holt’s computer, and downloads a virus which continuously plays advertisement for porn, which adds only adds more stress to Holt’s plate. Due to the added stress, what was suppose to be a romantic dinner with Chanel, quickly turned into an attempted murder.

To make matters worse, Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) is demanding that Holt perform a surgery on a patient that would sever her from her parasitic twin, and during the procedure, an editor will stand by and watch the surgery. Restraining his hand behind his back, Holt performs the surgery, but when the time comes to replace the patients heart, the murder hand’s wild antics become too much and Holt isn’t able to carry on. Not until Chanel, and her fellow Chanels start singing a song from his childhood to clam him, and allow him to finish the surgery.
Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and Cassidy (Taylor Lautner) are getting closer, and both share who the Green Meanie is. Chanel #3 seems unbothered by the fact that Cassidy kills people, nad Cassidy is relieved when Chanel #3 doesn’t run off and tell. Also performing a test she recreated herself, Chanel #3 runs a rest on Cassidy that proves that he not actually dead, but that he has a disease that makes him feel the affects of a disease that he believes he has. And the reasoning for him always being cold, is because he sleeps on a water bed.

The Green Meanie struck again, twice this episode, first killing one of the newer Chanel recruits, and the editor who was monitoring Holt’s surgery.
Catch Scream Queens on City Tuesday night’s at 8PM.

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