Shameless S7Ep11: Happily Ever After Review/Recap

  • Starring: Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Jeremy Allen White, Emma Kennedy, Cameron Monaghan, Steve Howey, Shanola Hampton, Isidora Gorshter, Ethan Cutkosky
  • Network: Showtime
  • Genre: Comedy-Drama

Fiona has given up being a laundromat owner, and sold the business to Margo, who in return has turned the space into a networking lounge. There Fiona (Emmy Rossum) meets a real estate agent, who later invites Fiona to buy out his apartment building as a new business oppurtunity.

Lip is working hard at his sobriety, and begins hanging out with a member from the AA meeting, who advises Lip (Jeremy Allen White) to find a hobby that helps keep the mind off drinking, such as knitting.

Kevin and V begin to make plans for their future now that both of them are out of work thanks to Svetlana taking over the alibi. As a game plan, Kev (Steve Howey) goes in search of a new job oppurtunity, and finds himself at the bar where Ian used to work. There he fills in for a one night to prove his skills, and makes quite the impression on both the customers and employees.
Frank and Monica attempt to renew their vows, but past misgivings are brought up and violence breaks out between the two. The family gathers to celebrate the ‘newlyweds’ but the next morning tragedy strikes, and the Gallagher family wake up to a scene that now of them were expecting.
After a brief road trip, Ian and Mickey fins themselves at the Mexico border, and Mickey undergoes a slight appearance alteration. But while he’s ready to go, Ian breaks the news that he is no longer going with Mickey to Mexico, telling him that in the time that Mickey has been away, he has built a new life for himself, and his doing well. But before their final goodbye, Ian leaves a stack of cash on the dash of the car that he withdrew form a savings account, and the two say their goodbyes. Watching from the distance, Ian watches as Mickey bypasses the Mexican border.
Catch Shameless on Sunday at 6PM on Showtime.

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