Pretty Baby (A Standalone Novel) Review

  • Title: Pretty Baby
  • Author: Mary Kubica
  • Publisher: MIRA Books
  • Publication Date: February 2, 2016
  • Edition: Trade Paperback 2016
  • Pages: 400
  • Special Features: Questions for Disscussion, Conversation with Mary Kubica, and a Sneak Peek at, The Good Girl.
  • Price: $18.99 CAN ($15.99 U.S)
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller, Fiction
  • ISBN: 978-0-7783-1874-3

While on her daily commute to work, Heidi spots a young, teenaged girl soaked in the rain, and in the folds of her jacket is a baby. In the field of work that cares for the well being of people everywhere, Heidi is compelled to help the girl, Willow out. But after bringing Willow into her home, neither Heidi’s husband or daughter is happy about the new additions.

But the longer Willow and the baby stay, the more past events, and pain start to a raise, and everyone gets more than they bargained for.
Just like The Good Girl, Pretty Baby has multiple character point of views, Heidi, Willow, and Chris. Heidi is the main protagonist of the book, who finds, and takes care of the homeless teen, adn her baby when she finds them living on the streets of Chicago. Chris is the distant husband, who wants nothing to do with the strange new comers, and for most of the duration of the novel, doesn’t seem to like home life very much either.

Willow, and her baby are a jumble of secrets, starting with the leather suitcase, her love for, Anne of Green Gables, and her fascination with morning cartoons. While Heidi is willing to ignore, and not pry into Willow’s past, Chris’s growing concern at having a stranger in the same house as his daughter has left him on edge, and wanting to find out just who Willow Greer really is. If that’s even her real name.

But later things take a turn for the worst, and each life will be alter in ways they never thought possible. Some will be left better off then they were, while others will have their world turned upside down.
Unlike The Good Girl, the last few chapters will clue you in, and bring all the pieces together, while The Good Girl throws a major curve ball  at the very end.

Overall rating: 5/5 stars.

Would I recommend: Yes! Pretty Baby is a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing, and coming up with different outcomes until the secrets are revealed.
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