Scream Queens S2Ep9: Lovin the D Review/Recap

  • Starring: Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Stamos, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, Kristie Alley, Taylor Lautner, Keke Palmer
  • Network: City
  • Genre: Horror-Comedy

The Green Meanie’s have band together and have come up with a plan to kill the Chanels, with Nurse Hoffel tasked with killing Chanel, Wes killing Chanel #5, and Cassidy given the task of killing Chanel #3. But Cassidy is beginning to have doubts on whether or not he wants to continue killing. After a brief visits with his mother, and introducing Chanel #3 to her, Cassidy is forced to make a choice. Chanel #3 or his mother. His mother, who is still holding Zayday hostage.

At the hospital the Chanels are preparing to take the medical test to be certified doctors, after the news of Dr. Scarlett Lovin, host of Lovin the D, comes to the CURE Institute wanting to film a complicated surgery. With the help of Cassidy, and Holt Chanel, and Chanel #3 pass their test, while Chanel #5 passes her test with a near perfect score on her own. Right before the surgery Wes makes a poisonous coffee concoction with a note, To Chanel Love Holt, and leaves it for her at the counter. But as the show’s about to start Dr. Scarlett Lovin exchanges a few words with Chanel, but as she leaves, she picks up the wrong coffee cup, and drinks the poisonous brew. Even with her laying dead on the ground the show must go on, and the Chanels, and Holt continue on with the show. After the show the show’s producer offer the Chanels a the of being Dr. Lovin’s replacement.

The Green Meanie Trio is about to lose one of its members after Wes tries to kill Chanel, whose death belongs to Hoffel. Infuriated with Wes trying to take her kill, she and Cassidy lure Wes to the bathing room, with a tub filled with boiling peanut oil. Trapping him at the tap, Wes figures out what their planning and throws himself into the boiling oil. With everyone believing that the Green Meanie is dead, everyone can breath a sense of relief.

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