Vikings S4Ep16: Crossings Review\Recap

  • Starring: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, Alex Hogh, Jordan Patrick Smith, David Lindstrom, Marco Ilso, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsgard, Peter Franzén, Jasper Paakkonen, Linus Roache, Moe Dunford, John Kavanagh
  • Network: HISTORY
  • Genre: Historical-drama

Trouble is stirring in Kattegat for Lagertha, and it may have been a mistake to not kill Ragnar’s sons when she had the chance. With Ivar back, he has sworn to kill her after her refusal to fight him in single combat. Ubbe, and Sigurd plan their own revenge to take out the new Queen, but are doing so more discreetly. But with a man in black appearing, not only in Kattegat but across the Mediterranean Sea, he spreads the news of Ragnar’s death. More troubling news for Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), not only having the news of Ragnar’s crossing over into Valhalla, but after visiting the Seer (John Kavanagh) she’s told her death will come by one of Ragnar’s sons.
Bjorn, Floki, Rollo, and the rest of their calvary have arrived to the Mediterranean Sea, and have invaded Spain. Rollo (Clive Standen) seems to be rejoicing in being a Vikings again, while Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) seems more hesitate after walking into a temple and witnessing a prayer in session. After bursting into a room hiding a group of women, all are taken captive. Helga even takes a young girl for herself, because Floki refuses to have another child, and this young girl is the same age their daughter would have been. Floki if disturbed by the idea, but is powerless to stop Helga. After the raid, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), Hvitserk, Rollo, Flokie, Halfdan, and Harald are over looking the sea, when Bjorn and Hvitserk’s (Marco Ilso) attention is pulled away by non-other then Odin, and learn the death of Ragnar.

King Ecbert (Linus Roache) is unconcerned but Ragnar’s sons seeking out their revenge on his people because of the deal he made, but Athelwulf strongly disagrees. But with Ragnar’s death confirmed, will Lagertha, Ubbe, Sigurd, and Ivar (not likely) put their differences aside and seek out their revenge together. And what of Bjorn? Will he return to Kattegat and help, and what will he do when he learns of the threat against his own mother?
Catch Vikings Wednesday at 6pm on HISTORy channel.

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