Vikings S4 Season Finale (Ep20): The Reckonging Review/Recap

  • Starring: Alexander Ludwig, Gustaf Skarsgard, Alex Hogh, Jordan Patrick Smith, Marco Ilso, David Lindstrom, Moe Dunford, Linus Roache
  • Network: HISTORY
  • Genre: Historical-drama

The great Heathen army, and the Saxons engage in a battle that ends just as quickly as it began. Accepting defeat, Aethelwulf orders his men to retreat. Returning home Aethelwulf gathers orders the evacuation of the town. Put King Ecbert has other plans in mind, and gathering the Bishop and a few witnesses, Ecbert renounces the title of King, and passes it to his son, Aethelwulf, the new King of Wessex. Staying behind with his Bishop, Ecbert watches has Aethelwulf, Judith, their sons, and everyone else flee from the threat of the approaching Heathen Army.

Hoping to raid the tow, Bjorn orders the charge but soon it’s revealed that the town has been deserted, and the Vikings begin to collect treasures and burn any trace of Christian monuments. But while touring the halls, Tanaruz becomes frightened of a burning pillar and collapses. While Helga tries to help her stand, Tanaruz stabs Helga, then kills herself. Just before dying, Helga urges Floki to be himself and not like the others. After burying Helga, Floki says his goodbyes to Bjorn, and leaves.

With the room filling with smoke, Ecbert leaves his hiding place to walk into the courtyard where he encounters Bjorn and the rest of the Vikings. But while everyone jumps to strike, Bjorn orders Ecbert to not be killed. Locking him in the same cage he kept Ragnar, Bjorn and his brothers debate what should be done. Bjorn wants him alive while Ivar wants him dead. Ecbert offers a deal with Bjorn, in exchange for a secret request, Ecbert will sign over east Anglia to Bjorn where he can begin to build a settlement. After the deed is signed, Bjorn meets with Ecbert in private where Ecbert request that he chose the manner of his own death. Alone in the Roman bath room, Bjorn lets Ecbert choose the knife he will use, and leaves. Climbing into the bath,  Ecbert hears the voices of Ragnar, and Athelstan before killing himself.

During the celebratory feast Bjorn announces that he will not stay to see the settlement built, but that he will continue to travel across the Mediterranean Sea. Ivar on the other hand claims that he doesn’t want to see a settlement built, but wants to see the army continue raiding the rest of England. This causes a stir between brothers. Sigurd and Ivar begin to go at it, throwing insults at one another, until things escalate too far, and Ivar throws an axe at Sigurd (like no one saw it coming). Stumbling towards Ivar, Sigurd collapses on the ground and dies. While Ivar appears shocked at first, his expression quickly changes to satisfaction, while the Ubbe and Hvitserk look up in horror. A little shocking that the show would kill off Sigurd, since according to history, he had much more potential.

Just before it ends, in Sherbourne England, Bishop Heahmund finishes a funeral and offers word of comfort to the widow. In the last shot, the Bishop is seen ‘consoling’ the ‘greiving’ widow, and a suit of armour and sword are stored in the corner.
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