Vikings S4Ep19: On The Eve Review/Recap

  • Starring: Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, Gustaf Skarsgard, Linus Roache, Moe Dunford, Alex Hogh, Marco Ilso, David Lindstrom, Jordan Patrick Smith, 
  • Network: HISTORY
  • Genre: Historical-drama

While Bjorn, and the Heathen Army are off in Wessex, Kattaget falls under attack. Egil and his army invade, but are quickly stopped, and Egil is taken captive by Lagertha. But Torvi is left severely wounded, and Lagertha learns from Egil that he was paid by Harald to overtake her.
In Wessex Aethelwulf prepares for battle against the Vikings when words breaks that they have arrived in Repton. At camp Harald still pines for Ellisif, and yet loathes her for not waiting for him. His brother Halfdan is discouraged, and slightly repulsed that his brother has let both Ellisif and her husband, Vik live, and encourages Harald to kill them both. While offering an apology to Ellisif, Harald kills Vik to regain his honor. BUt later that day Ellisif goes to Harald to try and make amends, and offering the same promise to marry him, Ellisif attempts to kill Harald, but is killed by Halfdan instead.

 Preparing for battle themselves, Ivar convinces Bjorn to scout the battle field for weaknesses. When Aethelwulf and his army arrives, they are lead on a wild goose chase across the field in an attempt to catch the Viking army. When one would disappear into the woods, the other half would reappear across the way. After growing tries of being made a mockery, Aethelwulf orders his men to change course, and head towards Repton, where the Vikings have left their boats.

Having predicted that Aethelwulf would grow impatient with the chase and make his way towards the ships, Ivar, Floki, and the rest of the army prepare to ambush the approaching army.
Catch the season finale The Reckonging Wednesday at 6PM on HISTORY.

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