Bates Motel S5Ep2: The Convergence of the Twain” Review/Recap

  • Starring: Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Nestor Carbonell, Olivia Cooke, Max Thieriot
  • Network: A&E
  • Genre: Psychological Horror Drama

Things have already taken a violent turn in Bates Motel. Only two episodes in and Norman has already had hitman turn on him thanks to Romero, killed said hitman and dumped his body in the river. After showing up for a surprise visit at the prison, Romero promises to come after Norman when he least suspects it.

Something else that Norman didn’t see coming was having dinner with Madeleine and her husband Sam, who had earlier spent a few hours at the motel with a “friend”. The dinner was Madeleine’s way of trying to hook Norman up with her friend, but Norman only has eyes for the girl that bares a strong resemblance to his dead mother, who also draws the same conclusion and questions his motives.

Chick also makes his way back into the picture to check up on Norman, but to also recruit him in a new business idea. Bring Norman a dead bird, he asks him if he’d be interested in making his taxidermy hobby into a profitable one. But Chick may soon wish that he didn’t get so close to Norman. After being asked to leave by Emma, Caleb returns to White Pine Bay and when he fails to find someone at he Bates house, he checks himself into a motel. But upon checking in, he learns that Norman committed suicide a year eariler. Distraught Caleb goes to a nearby bar where he runs into Chick. The two get into an altercation, and Caleb promises to get revenge on Norman because he knows that he’s the one who killed Norma.

But when Caleb returns to the house Norman is nowhere to be found, instead Caleb finds Norma’s corpse in the basement before being knocked out by Norman, whose lost in his “Mother” persona. Watching in the shadows is a horrified Chick.

Catch Bates Motel Monday nights at 7PM on A&E.


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