Wild Justice (Book Review)

  • Title: Wild Justice (Nadia Stafford, Book 3)
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong
  • Publisher: Vintage Canade – division of Random House Canada 
  • Publication Date: Novemeber 26, 2013
  • Edition: Paperback 2013
  • Pages: 362
  • Special Features: None
  • Price: $21.00
  • Genre: Mystery-thriller
  • ISBN: 978-0-345-81302-2

This is the final instalment of the Nadia Stafford series, and she has one more hit to make. But things take a foul turn when the wife shows up at the husbands secret date with his mistress. Things get tense, and end poorly in the underground garage of a hospital. Nadia blames herself for the poor turn of events. As a way to try and cheer her up, Jack gives her an unexpected “gift”. One that Nadia has been dreaming about since that horrific night 2o years ago. The chance the get justice against the man who killed her cousin. But there’s much more to the case then Nadia remembers, and soon memories start to make their way to the surface, and some might be too difficult to process.

With Jack in toll to help with any obstacle that falls in her wake, Nadia also recieves help from Evelyn, and Quinn. Though the latter will pose some problems of its own, as feelings that where buried deep down among others will rise to the surface.

I found this to be the best Nadia book out of the trilogy. After hearing about Nadia’s tragic past in the previous two instalments, Wild Justice holds more intimate details about that terrible night. Even though Jack gives Nadia the gift of a lifetime, to kill the man who killed Amy, there are so many more obstacles standing in Nadia’s way before she can “take the shot”.

Nadia and Jack’s relationship is also a little more light weight, and I’m pretty sure he says more in this book then he does in the last. More of Jack’s past is revealed, and there’s more to it then I thought there’d be. Not only is Jack getting a little more comfortable with talking, he’s also opening up more, and willing to take more leaps of faith towards the things he wants most.

While Nadia works through obstacles in her professional life, her personal life isn’t a walk in the park either.

Overall rating: 5/5 stars


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