Bates Motel S5Ep3: Bad Blood Review/Recap

  • Cast: Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Nestor Carbonell, Olivia Cooke, Max Thieriot, Ryan Hurst

It seems Norman isn’t the only one who’s going a little crazy. Now trapped in the basement, and handcuffed to a pipe, Caleb keeps visualizing Norma. But not just visualizing, but talking and interacting with her. Occasionally ‘Norma’ is really Norman during one of his blackouts, and dresses as Norma, and another Caleb is hugging Norma’s frozen corpse. At least the last one was just a crazy dream.

After witnessing Norman’s disturbing behaviour, Chick decides it would be best to live at the house for a while, and keep an eye on Norman. But when Norman’s tries to push him away, Chick acts like he knows about Norma. Not about how Norman blacks out and impersonates her, but that “she’s still alive and just hiding at home”. After some persuasion from both Chick and Norma, Norman agrees to let Chick stay.

While in town running errands Chick is recording experiences he has witnesses with Norman into a recorder, and purchases a type writer and tells the store keep that his writing a, “true crime novel”. Norman has another blackout and confronts Caleb. ‘Mother’ talks to Caleb and confesses that they can’t keep continuing on like this, him in the basement, it poses too much risk. But unable to do it herself, ‘Mother’ convinces Norman that he will have to do it. But when Norman goes to the basement to kill Caleb, he has a lucid moment and unhandcuffs Caleb and tells him to run.

Norma is furious, and takes the guns away from Norman and chases Caleb down the street. Returning from town, Chick hits a fleeing Caleb.

But another dead body may be the last of Norman’s concerns, Alex has escaped his prison escort and his making his way make to White Pine Bay. But Alex may need to put his crusade aside for just a moment, because while attempting to steal a car, he is shot.
Catch Bates Motel Monday nights at 7PM an A&E.


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