Kong: Skull Island (Movie Review)

  • Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Rilley, John Goodman, John Ortiz, Jign Tian, Terry Notary, Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston

Who needs actors when you have a visual effects team with this much talent. I could have watched a whole 2 hours of just Kong defending the island, and learning and seeing all the different creatures that live on this island. The visuals told a better story then the actors (except some, some of the actors were great). The emotions that they gave Kong made it so by the end of the film, you were rooting for him, and hoping he triumphed over the humans.

But the humans themselves weren’t all trouble, there were a few actors that actually served a purpose and who had a story/background that made sense. I’m looking at you Tom Hiddleston, I’m thinking he was just there for eye candy. Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson),  Randa (John Goodman), San Lin (Jing Tian), Houston (Corey Hawkins), Hank (John C. Rielly), and Glenn (Jason Mitchell) were either the real stars of the show, or at least the characters that actual served a purpose, even if they weren’t shown a whole lot. The main stand outs in the film were Jason Mitchell and Jonh C. Reilly, if anything this felt like their (and Kong’s) movie. Every time they were on screen they stole the show. Jackson and Goodman were the follow up scene stealers, and both ended up going down the same story path.

Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston played roles that could have very easily been absurd by another, and to a degree they were. Mason (Larson) is a photojournalist hired to document, through pictures, what they see on the island, while Conrad (Hiddleston) is a former British Air Service Captain, who now offers his (poor) tracking services. His role was so incredible pointless, I have no clue has to why they added him or his character. Randa paid Conrad to do the job that all the soldiers on the team were practically already doing. Mason was probably the worse photographer they could have hired. She was slow to take a photo, and didn’t take enough of them. Hiddleston’s character didn’t even need to be combined with another actors character because he already was, he was just an unnecessary addition to the cast who took up room. As for Larson’s character, she could have been combined with Jing Tian’s character, who is a biologist brought to study the land and it’s inhabitants.

Larson and Hiddleston are the only down falls of the movie, and their obviously forced romance. Aside from the few actors that stole the show the visual effects and the action sequences are what made this movie. This film has a plethora of action scenes, and the movie opens with one that is the base for the whole film. The action was incredible, the design of Kong and all the creatures that live on Skull Island were beautifully crafted. The visual effects team did a fantasic job at creating and bring this creatures to life. I’d say they’re the best CGI, and original (except Kong) that I’ve seen in awhile.
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars. Just try to ignore Laron and Hiddleston and the movie is perfect.


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