Bates Motel S5Ep5: Dreams Die First Review/Recap

  • Cast: Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Nestor Carbonell, Olivia Cooke, Max Thieriot
  • Network: A&E
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller

Norman runs into an old friend from his past, Dr.Edwards, and the two have a chat that stirs up memories for Norman, reminding him that he occasionally takes on the role of “Mother”. Like he did the previous night. After getting a phone call from the bartender at White Horse Bar, telling Norman that his car was left in the parking lot, Noramn is left confused when the bartender recognizes him, but Norman swears they’ve never met. What throws him off even further if when he returns to get information on “Mother” the patrons in the bar recognize him, include one man in particular who follows Norman into the bathroom, and tries to seduce him. Having a flashback of “Mother” and this man having sex in the back of his car, Norman leaves and returns back to the motel.

Marion is triedof the distance between her and Sam, and the mistreatment she gets at work. So when her boss asks her to deposit $400,000 into the company’s bank account, Marion decides that this is her chance to get out of Seattle, and start a new life with Sam. Taking the money, Marion packs, and makes her way the White Pine Bay, and stops at the motel.

 With all his business trips to Seattle, Madeleine confronts Sam on his affair. Dylan and Emma seem to be having their own little marital spat. Dylan has had no contact with Norma or Norman since he left, and tells Emma that her mother checked into the motel, but never checked out. Later that night, Emma learns about Norma’s suicide.
Catch Bates Motel Monday nights at 7PM on A&E.


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