Bates Motel S5Ep6: Marion Review/Recap

  • Cast: Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Nestor Carbonell, Max Thieroit, Olivia Cook
  • Network: A&E
  • Genre: Psychologocal Thriller

Marion (Rihanna) has checked into Bates Motel, but has managed to survive one more day. That doesn’t make her stay a pleasant one. After sharing a brief meal with Norman, Marion can’t seem to get her mind of Sam, and asks Norman for his address, who reveals to her that he’s married. Not believing Noramn, Marion goes to Sam’s to find him fighting with Madeleine, who later locks him out of the house when he goes to confront Marion whose’s smashing his car’s windows.

Madeleine returns to the motel where Norman and “Mother” are agreeing over whether or not they should let Marion live, but Norman refuses to kill her. Instead he let’s Marion leave the motel. Same later comes to the motel to smooth things over with Marion, only to find her gone, and decides to clean himself up before returning home. While Norman may have had some sympathy for Marion, there’s none for Sam, and stabs him to death in the shower.

Marion isn’t the only one who had to learn bad news from someone else. After finding Norma’s death online, Emma bears the tragic news to Dylan, who calls Norman, furious for not being told sooner.

Catch Bates Motel Monday nights at 7PM on A&E.


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