Bates Motel S5Ep8: The Body Review/Recap

  • Cast: Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Max Thieriot, Nestor Carbonell, Olivia Cook
  • Network: A&E
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller

Sheriff Greene arrives at the house, and questions Norman about his confession, and while he’s in a hurry to get the arrest over with before “Mother” can show up, Greene doesn’t believe Norman actually killed anyone. But instead thinks he’s doing this for attention, but keeps him in the station jail cell until further notice. While in there, Norman is given his meds, but is forced to puke them back up by “Mother” who takes over Norman’s body and attempts to fix the mess he created.

“Mother” agrees, when talking to Greene, that she confessed to Sam’s murder for attention, but only to take attention away from Sam’s real killer, Madeleine, who he had a fight with previously. “Mother” also blames her/Norman’s willingness to confess, and lack of focus on having his meds withheld. But once news hits that Audrey’s body was pulled from the lake, Greene arrests Norman for three murders, and Dylan is left to tell Emma the terrible news, and left with a difficult choice. Help Norman, or watch be sent to prison.

Meanwhile Romero has made his way back to the motel, and finds Chick in the basement writing his book. Chick reveals that Norman dug up Norma’s body and has been keeping her at the house until recent events that forced him to bury her in the woods. Chick continues on taunting Romero about how his and Norma’s relationship to the perfectly tragic, heartfelt, yet heartbreaking story, and enthusiasticly types away at his typewriter, prompting an angry response from Romero, who shoots Chick.

Catch Bates Motel Mondat nights at 7PM on A&E.


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