Bates Motel Series Finale (S5Ep10): The Cord Review/Recap SPOILERS

  • Cast: Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Nestor Carbonell, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cook
  • Network: A&E
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller

**Spoilers Ahead

After five years, the story of Norman Bates has come to an end.

Norman is forced by Romero at gun point to take him to Norma’s body. Reggie is left on the side of the road to flag down help, while Romero and Norman make their way into the he woods.

Romero is over come with grief when he finds Norma’s body buried in the snow and senselessly beats Norman before returning to his grief. His fatal error? Turning is back on the psycho behind him. Without Romero’s attention on him, Norman strikes him over the head with a rock until he has the upper hand and grabs for Romero’s gun and kills him.

After killing Romero, Norman is visited by Norma who tells him that it’s time for her to go because now that Romero is dead, there’s nothing for her to protect him from. Norman than falls into a dream where he goes back into the past to when he and Norma first bought the motel and moved to Oregon. Upon awakening Norman gathers Norma’s body and brings her back to the motel, all the while stuck in the past.

At home, Norman ‘reopens’ the motel and checks in a mother and her two boys, one of which is named Dylan. With the reminder of his brother, Norman calls Dylan and invites him over to have dinner with him and Mother. Clueing in that Norman has checked into a past reality, Dylan calls Emma and begins his final goodbyes, not knowing how the visit with his brother will end. Before going up to the house Dylan tells the mother and her two sons to leave the motel because it is unsafe.

Up at the house Norman has prepared dinner, and tells Dylan to go sit at the table with mother. Upon seeing Norma’s body, Dylan gets sick and Norman tries to comfort him. Seeing just how far gone Norman is, Dylan tries to reason with him, but Norman refuses to accept that Norma is dead, and that’s he’s living in the past. With Dylan refusing to accept his new reality Norman tries to stab Dylan, which forces Dylan to shoot Norman. Dying in Dylan’s arms, Norman is reunited with Norma.

The police arrive soon after to take Norman and Norma away, and find Romero’s body in the woods. Dylan returns back to Seattle, and is seen dropping his daughter (now older) off at school with Emma. The motel is eventually sold, and the last shot, is of Norma and Norman’s shared grave stone, with Norma’s side left bare except for dates.


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