New Avengers: Infinity War character posters

Disney Marvel has released new character posters for their upcoming blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War. Each posters color scheme matches each of the infinity stones, but the stones aren’t matched with who you would think. Now out of everything that we’ve been told about Infinity War, is that we can expect one (if not more) of the Aveners to die. Who is the big question? Many believe it’s down to Marvel’s holy trinity, Tony, Steve, and Thor. But I think most believe the choice is between Tony and Steve (I’m voting for Steve, sorry Team Cap!).

But least go over each poster, and discuss each stone it reflex, and who I think is most likely to survive Infinity War, and who will parish. I have four categories: Will die, In danger of dying, wouldn’t be surprised, and Safe.

 First up we have the Aether aka the reality stone. We have Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Peter Parker. You would think since Doctor Strange has the Time stone that he would be on the green poster.

Will die: Tony Stark (while I’d not want to admit it) Tony is in a tremendous amount of danger of dying, and my heart is breaking and I’m having a hard time dealing with it.

In danger of dying: None.

Wouldn’t be surprised: Wong.

Safe: Doctor Strange, even though he looks to be having a difficult time in the lastest trailer, I believe he’ll make his way out of Infinity War in one piece. Peter Parker for sure is safe, he was only just introduced to the MCU, and being as popular as he is, Marvel would be crazy to kill him off so soon. As many believe, and it seems like a realistic outcome, that Tony dies saving Peter (but of corse Tony isn’t going anywhere right?! He’ll be fine).

 Next we have the Space Stone which (spoiler) Loki took at the end of Thor Ranorak. The only reason I think for Steve to be placed on the blue poster is because the Tesseract was found in the ocean, where Steve was later found frozen. Here we have Steve Rogers, Bucky, Shuri, Nebula and Mantis.
Will die: Steve be it in the scene where he’s trying to hold off Thanos, or somewhere else.

In danger of dying: Nebula.

Woulnd’t be surprised: Mantis (but I think she’s safe)

Safe: Shuri, for obvious reasons.

The time stone, which is paired with people who have nothing to do with time, Black Widow, T”challa, Okoye, and Hulk (interesting that it’s not Bruce), and worn around Doctor Strange’s neck.
Will die: none

In danger of dying: Hulk and Black Widow (but she’ll be fine right?).

Wouldn’t be surprised: none

Safe: T’Challa and Okoye for sure. Anyone who thinks its a good idea to kill either of them is insane.

 The power stone, last scene with the Nova Core, which in the trailer Thanos already has so, great job guys. But after the last time we saw them, they lost a large chunk of their military making them easy pickings. The Power poster consists of, Thor, Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.
Will die: None. I know people think the clock is ticking for Marvel’s trinity, but looking at the trailer and the scenes that Thor is in, I think he will make it out alive, but not without suffering somewhat.

In danger of dying: none.

Wouldn’t be surprised: Drax

Safe: Thor, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, and Peter.

Last but not least, the mind stone, which is smack dab in Vision’s forehead so it’s pretty obvious he would be on the mind stone poster. Same with Wanda who is in a relationship with Visison. But has for Falcon and Rhodey, I don’t know why they would be paired with Wanda or Vision.
Will die: Vision. I mean he has a bullseye screaming, “Come and get me Thanos” in the middle of this forehead. There could however be a way for him to survive, because has we can see in the latest trailer, Shuri is looking at a hologram of Visions face. So maybe she’s trying to find a way to save him.

In danger of dying: None

Woulnd’t be surprised: Rhodey, and Falcon

Safe: Wanda.
Now you might be thinking, where is the Soul Stone? Well it hasn’t shown up in any of the movies yet. Or has it? Given its name the Soul Stone I wouldn’t be surprised if the stone itself just happened to be inside one of the avengers. And Thanos realizes this and therefore that’s why one of the avengers dies. But the question is which avenger does the stone reside in? I think the top two choices would be Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. Perhaps the reactor that is in Tony’s chest  draws its power from the stone. Or because Steve’s whole outlook on life is standing out for the little guy and defending those who can’t stand up for themselves and is willing to sacrifice himself in order to save others. So it just might be that when Thanos kills one of the avengers he will then be taking their soul, there for gaining the soul stone (fingers crossed is Steve and not Tony).
So what do you think of the new character posters, why do you think each person is paired off with who they’re with and where do you think the soul stone is? Who do you think will die, who do you think is safe, and whose in danger of possibly dying in Avengers: Infinity War out April 27.
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