Jaclyn Hill X BECCA Cosmetics Champagne Glow Palette Review

The Champagne Glow face palette that is part of the BECCA Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill collection.

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Cherry Chree PLUM Lipglosses Review

Cherry Chree Plum Lipglosses. More like three glosses and two liquid lipsticks.

First reaction when seeing these, YES! The colours looks so pretty and vibrant, especially the glosses. But all were a disappointment when applied to the lips. The second and third shades, were the biggest disappointment, because those were the two that I was most looking forward to.

The only good thing I can say about these products are, they look nice in the tubes, and I didn’t have to pay much for them.

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Milani Lipstick Review – 21 Sangria

Review on Milani’s Lipstick, 21 Sangria.

Not only is the color stunning, but the wear time was incredible. The color stayed on for roughly 10.5 hours, and the majority of those hours, the color stayed put. The lipstick survived intense munchies; chips, watermelon, and a shake, with the barest amount of color fading from the centre of the lips, mostly the bottom lip. Through dinner it conquered the mashed potatoes, corn and steak, with only a tad more fading in the centre, but nothing that would cause me to go running to a restaurant bathroom to touch up, if I were out.

By the time I noticed that the color would have needed a touch up, was when I was going hardcore on the white cheddar popcorn. But unluck the chips, and dinner, I was scarfing down the popcorn like that was the last bag (which it was for me). But at that point it had already been on for an appropriate amount of time for a lipstick, and I was already at home, so I didn’t care what it looked like. But even with the majority, though still slightly there, color in the centre, the outer lip still had high pigment, and the color was not bleeding, and had not smudged anywhere. Which is a good thing for a darker shade, like purples and reds, because those tend to leave a stain.

The only bad thing I have to say about the product, is the smell. It is somewhat of an intense chemically, old school lipgloss in a pot smell. I’m not sure if that description made any sense, let me know if it did. Thankfully though, the smell does not linger once it’s on the lips.

The packaging is really nice to. It’s a sleek gold case, with a clear bottom that allows you to see the color. At the bottom is the number and name of the lipstick. On the side, is the company’s name, MILANI, written in tan, cream color.

Price: $7.49

Milani is available at the drug store, and on milanicosmetic.com.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick – Heathers Review

This is a liquid lipstick that dries down completely matte.

The color is really beautiful. It’s a dark red, with a hint of brown mixed in.

The texture is creamy, and very easily to apply, because it goes on so smoothly and evenly. I would say to make sure to moisturize your lips before hand.

How did it wear? For lunch I had sushi, and while the lighting wasnt’t all that great, the lipstick only appeared to have faded ever so slightly on the centre of the bottom lip, and a tad more on the top. While I was able to do a slight touch up, the lighting was very dim, so I couldn’t see my mirror very well, and was only able to do a light touch up on the bottom lip. After lunch I forgot the lipstick, and no one said anything about it, but when I got home, I did notice, some had rubbed off on the bottom centre of the top lip. But nothing too bad. However, it did not survived the pizza at dinner. After three pieces, it was a hot mess. The majority of it had worn off, and had begun to bleed outside of lip line. I was probably one pizza slice away from the lipstick smearing everywhere.

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L’Oreal Collection Exclusive “Pure Red” Lipstick – Eva’s Red Review


Pure Red’s Collection Exclusive, #403 Eva’s Red.

Eva’s Red is bright red, with a hint of orange in it. The immediate thought when spotting this lipstick; A spicy pepper. The lipstick has a very smooth and buttery consistency. It has an intense color payoff, that has excellent staying power.

This lipstick lasted all day. It survived a bagel and muffin for breakfast without fading, all the way to a whole takeout pan of lasagna at dinner. It had only rubbed off the slightest bit in the centre of the lips, but still held some color. The edges, and overall lips still held a fair amount of pigment. It didn’t smudge or bleed at the edges, had I been out at a restaurant, I would have felt comfortable  leaving without touching it up.

The packaging is also really nice, and elegant. It has a high end look, and feels like luxury. The packaging is a matte black velvet, and a gold band with, L’Oreal, engraved on it. There are six shades in this collection: Doutzen, Laetitia, Eva, Blake, JLo, and Freida.

Price: $8.99

L’Oreal is available at any drug store.

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Revlon ColorStay Conceacler Review


I love this concealer. I am in the shade, 04 Medium, and it’s a perfect match. I can wear it with foundation, and without, and it still looks natural.

How it goes on, and how it wears:

It goes on smoothly, and blends out so easily. I use a damp beauty blender, and takes no time at all to blend out. It’s a very thin liquid, but it doesn’t run. It also feels very creamy, and smooth. 

Once blended in, it doesn’t feel sticky, and feels very light weight, like you don’t have anything on. It wears for a very long time, and doesn’t settle into any fine lines, which is great.

Revlon ColorStay Concealer price: $11.49 CAD. Revlon can be found at an drug store. 

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NYX Hightlight & Contour PRO Palette Review

It’s been about a week since I bought this palette, and I’ve gotten a fair amount of use out of it. It was definitely money well spent.

You get 8 shades in this palette, 4 highlighting shades, and 4 contour shades. Each shade is buildible, and these shades can will suit a lot of people. Not to mention, it’s very affordable.

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Shopping Haul and Product Review

I was at my local Rexall today, and my only intention was to pick up ONE Milani lipstick, maybe two, but nothing more. But then I saw all those 20% off signs, and I was like a fish being lured in. I could help myself, so I went on a shopping splurge. Of course, I ended up putting a lot of the stuff back. Why? Because sale tags can be misleading, and what I thought to be the price of the product (with the discount), was actually the money you’d save, not the actual discount price. Let’s just say, I was very disappointed when I discovered the price for some of the items that I got, and ended up putting back. Also two items that I got, I was extremely disappointed in when I got home.

  • What I got
  • My disappointments: Covergirl Colorlicious Lipgloss, and Sale Tickets.

What did I get on my $149.74 splurge? Makeup for myself, my mom, and my cousin for her upcoming birthday.

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